El Jardin de la Vida

El Jardin de la Vida is a sustainable eco-friendly hostel and restaurant built with minimal concrete, natural materials and renewable energy. We are located in Punta Gorda, about 2.5km from Balgue, making for beautiful walks in and out of town. A little off the beaten path, we provide a unique Ometepe experience away from the traditional tourist scene.

If you’re looking to immerse yourself in nature and rural living, this is the place for you. We have a beautiful garden that attracts thousands of butterflies and young fruit trees spread along throughout the property, as well as a privileged lake access just across the road, which makes for a beach during the dry season. Rent our kayaks or Stand Up Paddles and ride through the calm clear waters of Lake Nicaragua, or just dive in and refresh yourself after a day of exploring the island. We can set up tours and activities around Ometepe’s breathtaking surroundings, including the famous volcano hikes, led by local Nicaraguan guides. We also invite you to join us on our memorable sunset kayak tour and experience the sun setting by the volcanos from the perspective of the lake. If want to cruise around the island, we can always arrange bikes, motorbikes and scooters rentals for you. After a long day of hiking, come chill out on our hammocks, eat delicious home-made organic food and have a beer with us.

Our main dormitory houses 8 dorm beds, equipped with mosquito nets and lock boxes, in a concrete-free bamboo structure powered by solar energy. We also have a hammock dormitory available for people looking for a unique tropical experience. For campers, there are many places for you to pitch your tent, as well as one 2 person tent cot. We also provide guests with an ecological composting toilet and shower, both located near our bed dorm.


We are known around the block for our great food. Our restaurant offers a menu of delicious meals, appetizers and drinks made from locally sourced ingredients. We serve breakfast and lunch from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m., as well as a family style dinner every night at 7:30 p.m, with vegetarian and meat options. Happy hour starts at 6 p.m., right after sunset, so don’t forget to grab your drink at the bar.

We are easily accessible by bus, taxi, motorcycle or bicycle. If you take the last bus, make sure to bring a flash light. If you’d like, we can happily book you a taxi at the port in which you arrive.




9 thoughts on “El Jardin de la Vida

  1. Hello my Name is Marcos Hernández, Im from Costa Rica, I have just finished my engineer degree at Costa Rica, and got involved in a master program in Japan but it start the next octuber, so im looking to stay in a beutiful place where I could contribute, to the nature and people. I will love that you take my propouse in consideration to be part of your volunteering crew. I m up to do recepcionist job, garden job, tour guide, and contribute to have a great enviroment where every one will feel great and happy

  2. Hello,

    I would like to please enquire about accommodation for Monday 21 November for 2 people. Please may you advise if a tent cot is a bed for two people? Please may you also advise on your availability for a tent cot and for dormitories?

    Thank you very much!
    Kind regards,

  3. Hey jardin de la vida,
    I have booked at night in your hostel and i cant come today, because i have problems with my bankcard. So sorry for that.
    I have find wifi already, thats the reason why i answer you so late. Big sorry. I hope that is not a big problem.
    Lovely Greets
    Sebastian Cording

  4. Hi, my name is Carson Kallis and I have a reservation starting today. I was hoping to change to a sunset private room or a private room if that is still possible. If not, no worries. See you later today.


  5. Hi my name is Tlea and I have been to your place to rent a kayak but the weather wasnt clear and so you recommended that my friend and I not go out so instead we talked with you and your family for a few hours then just took a dip in the water before heading back. But we talked about a lot of things and how you guys got started etc and I was wondering if I could ask you guys some questions about the process? Not sure if you have an email or a Nica number that I can call to have a chat with you. Thanks for your time!

  6. We are back! Last year we spent 4 weeks volunteering at El Jardin. Between our days working and our days off we did a lot of kayaking and paddle boarding via El Jardin’s private lake access that is literally right across the road, bike rides and walks into Balgue (40 minute walk at a very leisurely pace), hiked up Conception guided by the very informative and entertaining Cristobal, horse back riding up to Las Cuchillas, ate a lot of hummus y falafel, took a lot of lazy hammock naps, read books and played an endless amount of card/board games with new friends from all over the world that we met each day. Family dinner each night was a linguistic ocean full of jokes, stories and laughing between guests, volunteers and the owners.
    This year we are back via one way tickets. We’ve already met some wonderful people and the property has already changed so much. The owners have an additional private room available for rent that we stayed in our first night and the view is fantastic. We were especially happy to see that the cob oven is still the backbone for pizza nights. The wifi is a bit more easily accessible this year, but still not in the cafe area which I am thankful for. We spend so much time in our normal daily lives attached to our screens and plugged in for a number of reasons that it’s nice to exist without our heads immersed in blue light. If you need to use the internet for any reason you walk down the path through the garden to the entryway of the property where there’s a seating area in the WiFi zone.
    Despite the uncharacteristic amount of rain this season, every day is sunny. The waterfall at San Ramon is beautiful, aided in part by the rain fall. Everything is growing. El Jardin lives up to it’s name as it invokes the feeling of living in the middle of a jungle flower garden – flowers everywhere, lemongrass growing like weeds (which makes a really tasty tea!), the sound of the howler monkeys talking to each other just across the road, butterflies galore and the bright blue Magpie Jay’s twittering all over the place.
    This garden sanctuary located off the beaten path is home of the Ometepe drinking game, the tonas are always cold, rum cocktails are served with freshly homemade juices and happy hour lasts until dinner is served. This eco paradise is lively and fun and above all relaxing and we are so so happy to be back!
    Thank you so much to Rachel and Trevor for sharing their dream with other travelers and especially for welcoming us back again đź’š

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