Wire Schematic Update

I made a few changes to simplify the solar system a bit.  I have decided to use a Midnite Solar Classic Lite 150 MPPT charge controller so I can raise the solar panel voltage and decrease the size and length of wire required.  This Charge controller will also step the voltage down to 24V for the batteries.

I’m running 6 panels in series for 72V.  Two panels facing left, two panels facing up and two facing right to help balance the load across the system.  Nine sets of 72V arrays and one extra 12v panel for backup with it’s own cable ran full length.

Connected to the 24v Battery bank will be a 4oooW pure sine wave inverter.

Also to be noted is that 24 of the now 55 panels going up are 40W and not 30W as previously though.  Bonus!

Solar System rev 2


Solar Panels Cont.

The installation has to say the least has been tricky.  The Bus is not straight and the curve to the roof is not uniform.  This makes lining up 18 panels down the “center” a custom fit.  The Center row is raised 9″ to allow space above the roof vents so they still open.  The 1″ aluminum angle iron structure is riveted to the sheet metal skin.  It feels very stiff and the whole bus rock when trying to shake them.

6 panels will be wired in series for each of the nine 72V arrays.  Two from the left side, two from the top and two from the right side.  This should help balance the load across the nine arrays.  The wires have been dropped through a 1″ conduit through the roof into my Pallet Breaker Box.

Each Line has a 15 Amp Switch and a 4 Amp glass fuse.  The lines are then collected at an insulated Bus Bar on each side.  Later to come will be the charger controller mounted to the side and the 8 batteries will sit atop the wheel well pallet.  All pallets used on this bus are solid oak.  The wheel well pallet is bolted to the chair rail on the side and bolted through the floor.

Center Row of Solar Panels is Up
Slanted front 3 panels to prevent air from lifting the panels


1″ Aluminum Angle Iron frame
conduit to 10 locations down the center
Setting up for the Left and Right side Rows


Cables ready to go through the roof


“Breaker Box” and “Battery Tray” under construction
Wiring behind the Pallet
15 Amp switches to turn off each set of 6
Glass Fuse Holder and Bus Bar
Conduit Dropped through the Roof
Conduit routed into the Pallet
Pallet Breaker Box
Solid Oak Pallet anchor bolted to the chair rail
Solid Oak Sill Plate Bolted to Floor
Rear Sill Plate Bolted to Floor
Stacked Rear Support for battery tray