We have power!!

 Just as the sun was setting we got the lights hooked up! Now we can work after dark! 


It’s starting to come together 

So the solar panels and electrical are taking a little longer than we expected but they are almost complete.  As with anything on this scale it always has more complications and set backs than you expect. One of the complications we ran into was that we intend to transport two tandem kayaks back with us and always intended to put them on the roof. However, the solar panels are now covering the entire roof so a new solution had to be devised. Trevor built a rack that extends over the hood that will hold the kayaks and possibly some other stuff.

While Trevor has been working on the electrical, we have also been doing some shopping and hunting for the inside of the bus. Of course, we had to purchase all the necessary components for the electrical system- batteries, inverter, charge converter, cables etc. Along with that, we purchased our battery powered refrigerator – the  Sundanzer 225 8 cubic ft. This will be used in the restaurant when we get to Nica. I’m so excited! Once we started fridge shopping we began looking for all the rest of the stuff we needed on Craigslist. We lucked out and found a great small gas stove that was cheaper and way nicer than the camp stove I had been looking at. It has a full size oven so I’ll be able to bake along the way. Heck, it even has a broiler. We also found a tiny portable washing machine- the Haier 1 cubic ft washer which should help make all the baby laundry a little easier. My parents had some cabinets from their old house they weren’t using so we are taking those. They even have a kitchen sink we can use.

We are starting to fill in the taped outlines on the floor. Once the last of the wiring is done we can finish off the walls. We’d like to build storage under the bed and above the windows. The plumbing is probably the next big project we’ll tackle. I started searching for water tanks online today. The more it comes together the more excited we get. Can’t wait to get the family on the road home!

The kitchen is coming together- and look at that tiny washing machine!


A nice big refrigerator


Pretty nice looking stove and the cabinets are great too!


Even with all that stuff in there we still have lot’s of space


Solar panels and roof rack for the kayaks