Cob Cottage Tour

So we are behind on our blog here but we have had lot’s going on. We went out to Oregon for the Thanksgiving holiday to visit Trevor’s family so for a few weeks we had a break from the bus conversion. We’ve been back for a week now and everything is in full swing again. While we were in Oregon we took the opportunity to take a road trip out towards the coast and visit the Cob Cottage Company, some of the leaders in the cob revival movement.

The visit was inspirational and we left even more excited to get on the road back home and start building again. Linda Smiley and Ianto Evens wrote The Hand Sculpted House, the book that has been our bible while planning and building. We got the opportunity to meet them and see how they structure their space. We went with our camera prepared to take tons of photos. Unfortunately it was pouring down rain and we didn’t get all the photos we wanted. One thing we did really love was their use of cob walls to create little nooks and crannies around their property. Trevor and I have long talked about using paths and walkways to create individual private gardens and areas to make our property feel larger. It was was awesome to see such a spectacular example of it.

I think Trevor and I were both impressed with how warm and cozy the cottages were despite the dreary weather. While they use rocket stoves to heat the buildings most weren’t burning during our tour.  We also had the opportunity to discuss different methods of natural flooring, a project we hope to be working on soon after our return to Nica. While we weren’t able to get many photos outside, we did take some of interiors and other finishing techniques. I encourage you to check out their website for more photos of the project.

All and all, the visit was a real pilgrimage for us and I’m really glad we made time during our visit to Oregon to go there. We hope to visit with other natural builders and schools along our trip to Nica so if any has any recommendations on where we should go let us know!

Bale cob building in progress
Bale cob building different angel
Natural flooring
Woodworking detail
fresco work
Roofing detail
Built in storage
Bathroom mosaic
Sculpted detail
Sculpted cob
Sitting room- Laughing House

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