For Christmas we unwrapped the bus!

The bus unwrapped
The bus unwrapped

So as we are getting closer to being finished and our departure date, we have started looking into what we need to get the bus registered and insured to get on the road. We are planning on getting our insurance through National General Insurance who will insure a bus converted to an RV. When we sent them photos we were told we needed a little more work done before the underwriters would approve our policy. First we needed to remove  where is said “To advertise call …” which we had planned on removing anyway. This gave us the motivation to stop procrastinating and remove all the baseball team logos. We left the baseball playing surfer dude because we liked him. Luckily for us beneath the vinyl wrap was a great green white and black paint job.

The other requirement to get our insurance was that we had our walls up. So Trevor has been hard at work finishing those up and the bus is started to really look finished. We are putting the bead board on most of the walls but we covered one in the kitchen with cork tiles. This way we can post pictures, maps and anything else that strikes our fancy along the way. We also acquired our counter top, thanks again to craigslist. The counter has a nice rounded over hang that we can use as a table for eating at. So the counter has been installed, and the cabinets below it secured to the bus so they won’t shift while we are driving.

Walls installed
Walls installed
Bead board wall next to the tub
Cork wall and counter top
Check out the nice finishing details

We plan to hang curtain to divide the space and create privacy in the bathroom and bedroom. There is a post Christmas mattress sale going on at Macy’s of all places so tomorrow we are off to buy our mattress so we can get the bed frame completed and the bedroom walls done. We intend to put storage under the bed for everything we need to transport down. We also going to put some shelving up in the bathroom area. The will be a bench that runs next to the stove that will have additional storage space. When going tiny, you want storage anywhere you can put it.

Our planned departure date is coming up soon and we can’t wait to get on the road. Santa brought a copy of Road trip USA to help us start planning our route. We also ordered a ton of maps from AAA and our anxiously awaiting their arrival. If you want us to come visit let us know!

The bus unwrapped
The bus unwrapped
Detail of the bus unwarpped
Detail of the bus unwarpped

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  1. Mary Oxford says:

    What an exciting adventure. Look forward to hearing more.

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