Checking things off the list

So our mattress arrived and the bedroom is pretty much finished.Trevor installed almost all of the trim and it is starting to look very homey in there. I need to make us some curtains to give us a little privacy and maybe we’ll make some end tables but overall that is one more thing that can be checked off the list.

Mattress installed

Trevor has also completed all the wiring for the A/C electrical system so that project can also be put on the completed list. We tested all the outlets and they work so finally that is done. The inverter still needs to be secured so it doesn’t move when we are driving but that is it. Our storage shelves have been completed and our ready for our stuff as soon as it gets packed. The stove has been secured to the wall and the propane tank purchased so the list of projects grows shorter and shorter.

Stove is secure
Stove is secure

We bought a slip cover for the bus seat Aurora and I will sit in. It just needs some love with a staple gun, a couple of seat belts and some bolts to resecure it to the floor.

Bus seat
Bus seat

Trevor has moved onto the plumbing project, something he has been dreading because it involves climbing around under the bus and drilling holes in the floor. The sink and tub drain have been drilled. He went to the metal scrap yard and purchased a couple of items to hold the water tanks so he wasn’t constructing them from scratch. One of them was a fish tank stand previously- here’s to thinking outside the box. We have two tanks, one for clean drinking water and one for gray water. The tanks will be mounted beneath the bus. We also bought a pump to move the water out of the tanks into the sink and tub as well as a water intake valve unit for filling the tanks. We probably won’t actually fill the tanks and test the system until we get moving because we don’t want to freeze the lines.

Drain hole in the cabinet beneath the sink
Drain hole in the cabinet beneath the sink
Cutting the sink drain
The sink drain
Sink drain plumbing- it fits!
Tub drain
Former fish tank stand
Fits the tank like it was made for it
Frame to hold the water tank

Once all the plumbing is complete, we will secure the rest of the kitchen/living room so nothing shifts while we are on the road. We still want to build a bench up front as well in the empty space next to the stove. This will give us a bit more storage for our stuff and a comfy spot to hang out. All and all though, it’s looking pretty finished. We have even hung up our map of the US.



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