Country Roads

So we discovered this great option on google maps that allows you choose to avoid highways. We’ve been using this along our route and it has been taking us down amazing picturesque country roads. The other advantage is that people are a lot less likely to get frustrated at the slow speed of the bus. I’d say we average about 30 mph so we’re definitely not going anywhere fast. Which is perfectly fine for us. We’ve never been in a hurry, all our timelines were very rough estimates at best. Our big push so far has been to get warmer and it looks like today should be the last really cold day. 

Country Roads in VA
We meandered our way out of Virginia and into North Carolina. The plan has always been to spend a few days checking out what North Carolina has to offer. The first place we headed to was Snow Camp. Before we set out I had emailed a bunch of Natural Builders and Natural Building schools to see if we could check out some projects and do some networking. We’re hoping to meet some people who want to come lead a workshop at our place.


Cane Creek Campground Snow Camp, NC
 One of the folks I heard back from was Greg at Mud Daubers School of Natural Building. He and his wife Danielle host workshops during the warmer months educating people of how to build with cob, straw bale, wattle and daub, and slip straw. Greg did an apprenticeship out at the Cob Cottage Company, where we visited when we were in Oregon in November. Greg and Danielle were kind enough to give us a tour of their home and their buildings. They were particularly hospitable considering we visited on Valentine’s Day and they had a one month old baby. They are doing great building and it sounds like the workshops they host are a lot of fun. If circumstances were different I’m sure we would have all loved to hang out longer. But new babies are a lot of work and we were trying to push on towards Asheville so after we toured their land and they toured our bus we got back on the road. 

Mud Daubers School Snow Camp, NC
 Our next big stop is Asheville. The plan is to spend a couple of days hanging around there. We want to get some small things for the bus to help make living in the space a little easier. We didn’t quite make it there yesterday but we are on our way now. Also, after today the weather is finally supposed to get warmer so we’d like to be able to get outside without being absolutely freezing!! We know some people in the area we are going to try and connect with. They tell us Asheville is full of good food and good beer so it sounds like our kind of place.

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