We offer camping, a basic hammock dorm, a standard bed dorm, and two private loft rooms.

Enjoy a private room located above our hammock dorm. The standard private has a queen bed, a seating area and a great view of the stars at night. The basic private room offers a double bed. Both private rooms have mosquito nets.

The standard dormitory houses four bunk beds in a concrete-free bamboo structure. Each bed has a mosquito net. The airy design allows you to fall asleep to the lullaby of the jungle and the whispers of the wind.

The basic hammock dorm sleeps eight people below our private rooms. Completely open to the air, the breezes rock you to sleep as you stare dreamily at the stars.

If you are traveling with your own equipment you are welcome to pitch your tent or string your hammock anywhere in our garden. We also can accommodate overlanders.

We have an open air outdoor shower and eco-friendly composting toilet.

Enjoy a tranquil stay at our jungle oasis.


Standard Private Room $25

Basic Private Room $20

Standard Dormitory $8

Basic Hammock Dorm $4

Camping $4
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**You must cancel 48 hrs before your reservation or pay for your first night accommodation**
Standard Dormitory
Standard Private Loft Room
Loft Rooms over Hammock Dorm
Basic Private Loft Room
Basic Private Loft Room