Lorena Stove

One of the most important things for us living on Ometepe is our community. We have built strong ties to our neighbors here and want to help them improve their living standards. At the same time, it important that we respect their culture and don’t try and impose our ideas on their lives. So Trevor…

Five things to know about solar before you purchase

Are you thinking about investing in a solar energy system? There are many reasons to go solar. Maybe you want clean energy or to be self sufficient or perhaps you just want a solar back up system in case of outages. For us, living on an island in Nicaragua, deciding to go solar wasn’t a…

Healthy Beginnings

The wind is blowing and rain is falling. The kitchen is filled with smoke from the wet wood. It is going to take hours for the food to cook on the primitive stove made from a few bricks spaced just far enough for the pot to rest on top. This is the reality of how…

The Catalyst for a Minimalist – Part 2

I had climbed up a slippery rock face in the mist of sorrow out of the void of disparity and found myself standing on the edge of a different void. In front of me was an event horizon of the unknown. I knew nothing of the path that would mysteriously unroll in front of me….

Washing off the road dust

So we are sitting in Laredo, TX waiting to cross the border in the morning. We decided to take a couple of days to finally take care of some housekeeping. It seems like a long time since I last wrote but in reality it has been just about a week. We’ve done a lot and…

Country Roads

So we discovered this great option on google maps that allows you choose to avoid highways. We’ve been using this along our route and it has been taking us down amazing picturesque country roads. The other advantage is that people are a lot less likely to get frustrated at the slow speed of the bus….

Cob Cottage Tour

So we are behind on our blog here but we have had lot’s going on. We went out to Oregon for the Thanksgiving holiday to visit Trevor’s family so for a few weeks we had a break from the bus conversion. We’ve been back for a week now and everything is in full swing again….