Looking to climb a volcano, hike to a waterfall or ride a horse? We can help you arrange a variety of tours with local guides.

Volcano Tours-

Maderas Volcano- Your guide will leave directly from the property and take you to the lagoon at the summit of the volcano. You will hike the Las Cuchillas road to Finca Magdelana, which is the trail head. From there you will see Pre-Columbian petroglyphs, exotic wildlife as you climb through the changing micro-climates of this tropical cloud forest volcano.

Concepecion Volcano- Ride a Chicken bus with your local guide to the trail head in Altagracia.  As you summit this active volcanco you will pass the tree line and feel the heat from the lava through the souls of your shoes.  On clear days the views are stunning and you can look into the crater to see the glow of the magma.

Horseback riding-

We can arrange for you to ride horses with a local guide. Some options for horse riding tours include-

Punta Gorda petroglyph tour- ride with your local guide out to the point through plantain fields. You will see local wildlife as well as herds of free-range cattle, horses and pigs. There is a large Pre-Columbian petroglyph located near the lake on Punta Gorda.

Las Cuchillas/Jerusalem Waterfall Tour- ride with your local guide to Las Cuchillas the highest village on the island. You can check out the coffee fields and if you are brave try the local moonshine! From Las Cuchillas you will hike the rest of the way to the Jerusalem Waterfall, the source of the local clean drinking water.

Punta Gorda Milking Tour- Looking for a real Ometepe experience? You can ride with a local cowboy out to Punta Gorda to tend his cows. You will ride out through the plantain fields along the point to where the cows are kept and have the opportunity to learn to milk a cow.

We can also help to arrange taxis, bicycle and moto rentals during your stay with us.