Who we are

Who we are:

We are Trevor and Rachael, an American couple that met in Guatemala in 2010.  Trevor is an engineer from Portland, OR where he worked at Intel’s Research and Development facility. Rachael is from Rhode Island but moved to Phoenix, AZ in the late 90s. While there she completed a degree in Interdisciplanary Arts but wound up working in sales to pay the bills. In 2010 they both decided they wanted more out of life than they were getting from their careers. Rachael left for Guatemala with the intent to travel and volunteer and hopefully find a non-profit organization she wanted to stay with long term. Trevor went to Belize with hoping to find some land to start an organic farm.  Shortly into our respective journeys we met while studying Spanish at Lago Atitlan in Guatemala.  Finding our interests compatible we decided to travel together.

Ten months later, we had visited Guatemala, Mexico, and Belize before arriving in Nicaragua where we found Ometepe. All through out our travels people had been telling us if we were interested in doing green building and sustainable farming the island was the place to be. Following the advice we had received from other successful ex-pat business owners we lived on the island for a while before we purchased our land. In March of 2013 our dream became a reality and we purchased what is to become El Jardin de la Vida.

For the next year we slowly began planting and building on the site. With the help of our local workers and volunteers, from around the world we constructed the beginnings of our business. We have a small restaurant, a fleet of kayaks, and the beginnings of our dream farm. In June of 2014 we decided to return to the states with goal of adding the last piece missing from the puzzle, a child.

Currently we are in the U.S. after the birth of our daughter Aurora in July 2015. The plan is to return in February 2016 to continue the project. We have bought a 1997 Freightliner school bus and are converting it to an RV/home to drive back to Nicaragua. This will enable us to return with more supplies for the business, including but not limited to two tandem kayaks for our fleet, a solar refrigerator and a whole load of solar panels that were generously donated to us by Trevor’s employer- Big Belly Solar.

We hope you chose to come visit us upon our return and see how our project continues to grow.

Trevor and Rachael